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Openings for new CATALYSTS (that's YOU!)

Helping YOU
Clarify. Create.

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  1. A person who counsels or motivates others in the achievement of personal objectives such as choosing or changing careers, improving relationships, setting goals, and determining priorities.

  2. A professional who helps clients to achieve their personal goals.



  1. One who gives expert or professional advice.

  2. One who consults another.

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Are you curious about our services yet?

I offer free coffee with a consultation to determine what your needs are.

Look, if you had started 12 weeks ago, you wouldn't be here today.

If you start today, tomorrow you will be in a new place.

It's change.

It's discovering what you are passionate about (cause) 

and putting together implementation strategies (change)

to achieve the success you so deserve.

Don't believe you can change?

I can help in that area also. 

As a coach, I know the right questions to ask, at the right time, and in the right light.

Let's have a coffee - it's on me.



Cause. Change.

As we work together, we will discover your cause (purpose).

Once you have committed to that cause; we can then identify what steps are needed to get to the change you desire.  



You kept scrolling to discover more.

A freebie is here for you.


Branding Guide

(no sign up necessary)



"My life mission is helping people intentionally move forward with change through coaching."

"Why Chelle isn't found wearing a superhuman outfit is beyond me."

- Dan


Chelle has a unique combination of education and training, business ownership, spirituality and life experiences allowing a non-traditional approach to developing change based on individualistic needs and wants.
Building one business into four (service, retail, manufacturing and consulting) and selling, starting over and moving forward, Chelle gained a wealth of experience.  She has worked with For-profit and Non-profit entities to create strategies and improve bottom lines.  
"My life mission is helping people intentionally move forward with change through coaching."  I am a  Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  In 2007, I began starts with a C to build a coaching business focused on YOU.  I've owned businesses since 1991, and have extensive experience in Business and Economic Development, Neighborhood Revitalization and Strategic Thinking.   A few of my accomplishments include:
  • Health & Wellness Coach, Mayo Clinic, 2020
  • Adjunct Instructor, LEAN Certified, Lake Superior College, 2011
  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Academy, 2008
  • Community Leadership Program Graduate, Blandin Foundation, 2006
  • Member, Professional Women’s Network, 2006
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist, NeighborWorks America, 2000
  • Professional Home Inspector, ProSource, 1999
  • Architectural Technology Degree, Lake Superior College, 1994
My experience includes owning multiple businesses, business developer and loan officer, grant writer, executive director for an economic development focused nonprofit organization, housing rehabilitation specialist and multi-faceted artist and entrepreneur.“


I love coaching.

ICA Business Coach

Mayo Clinic Health & Wellness Coach

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Coming soon: Coffee Clutch Podcast

I can help you with:

  • Business and Succession Planning

  • Work – Life Harmony

  • Relationship Support

  • Caregivers Support

  • Executive Coaching


What you get:

  • Individualized coaching to identify and clarify your business, health and wellness, and life goals

  • A customized action plan

  • Coaching and support to help you make lifestyle changes

  • Guidance to develop your systems and processes

  • More energy and less stress!

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